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We’re back!

Well it’s been a bumpy few months so a quick update and then we hope to be back with regular news as it happens!

1) The laundry we have used for over five years decided to give us notice so we had to find a new one to continue with the laundry service; we did and changed over mid-April. All going well – phew!

2) We were stuck abroad with the volcanic ash cloud and got back on the Friday before Real Nappy Week – argh! The holiday was lovely but the last part was rather stressful.

3) Real Nappy Week was great and there should be a video of our Hackney nappuccino on Go Real soon (that said more preparation time would have been good!).

4) We’ve finally launched our online shop. It went live on 12 July – woohoo! We’ve still got some stock items to upload but in essence we’re there!

5) DS1 has night toilet trained! Will post a blow-by-blow description about how it happened next week.

More soon!


Planning Real Nappy week

We had a meeting yesterday to start planning Real Nappy Week for this year. It’s on from Monday 26 April to 2 May. Why is Real Nappy Week always just after the school holidays??? 🙂

Anyway, we’ve started our planning – hospital events on the Monday, super sale in the shop on Tuesday, fashion show on Wednesday, thank you party on Thursday and fashion swap on Friday! Plus our usual outreach work, rewards for signing up to the laundry service during that week plus presents for our current laundry customers. Plus hopefully some videos of what we do and how we go about it on the Go Real website!

Stay tuned for more plans as we firm them up!