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Our recent toilet training/EC chat

We had a toilet training and EC chat last Saturday afternoon in our Chalton St shop. Joy’s summed it up below!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the ec/toilet training discussion on Saturday. I was a bit nervous about how it would go with people who were doing EC, people who were about to potty train and people who had potty trained.

It turned out to be a great sharing of experiences and learning from each other. I talked about some of the Triple P strategies around preparing children for trying something challenging, clear communication, realistic expectations of ourselves as parents and of our children. The question of ‘do rewards work’ came up.

I’m going to do it again. It’s just about bringing people together so they can share experiences, gain knowledge from other parents and then use it to inform what feels right for them and their child. The main ethos is listen to your child and work with your child, gain their co-operation. I hope you all got as much out of it as I did!


We’ll hold another of these sessions soon. We’re setting up new events and workshops all the time (Herbal Medecine workshop for mothers and mothers-to-be coming soon!) – see our new Events & Workshop section on our website.


October Eventastic

We’re all back from the summer holidays now and have five fantastic events planned for the month. Some are in the day and the rest in the early evening, which we hope will be of use to parents-to-be who are working during the day. If you can’t make the planned day/times, please get in touch so we can look at future event days/timings.

These events are in addition to our daily/weekly cloth nappy demos and our monthly Saturday nappy demo (next one, 20 October at 12.30pm if you’re interested but please book as space is limited). In fact, please book for all of the below workshops so we know you can all fit in.

Natural Infant Hygiene Workshop

The first event is at 10.30am to 12pm  Thursday 11 October – Natural Infant HygieneWorkshop with Rachel Richardson. We’ve hosted a number of these workshops and they are always well attended and well received. The workshop provides an opportunity to learn about the practicalities of Natural Infant Hygiene, to ask questions, and to talk to someone who has experience of it. It may also be a way to network with other parents trying this method for the first time.

Natural Infant Hygiene is the natural way to care for your baby’s toileting needs, and a growing number of parents are returning to the traditional practice of offering the baby toilet (or potty) opportunities. If this approach is used, there is no need for ‘conventional’ toilet training, as the child learns about toileting gradually, often starting from birth.

Toileting at 3 weeks of age
Photo courtesy of http://www.bornready.co.uk

Cost for tickets is £7; booking essential here. Our previous post about Natural Infant Hygiene, sometimes called Elimination Communication, with a resources list can be be found here.

Introduction to Slings and Babywearing

This evening event is from 6.30 to 8pm, Wednesday 17 October and run by Mama Natura’s Becky, a Trageschule Certified babywearing consultant.

This workshop will give you an overview of the benefits of using slings, break down some of the myths and misconceptions, and provide important safety information. There will be a demonstration of the different types of sling commonly available with an explanation of their pros and cons, plus a chance to try out a few with a weighted demo doll at the end of the session, with guidance and tips from a qualified babywearing instructor.

Woven wrap, photo courtesy of http://www.mamanatura.co.uk

All workshop participants will receive a voucher for 10% discount on the purchase of a sling from the Mama Natura online shop. Cost for the tickets is £8. Booking is essential here.

Normal Birth

Run by Andy and Viv, independent midwives from Maya Midwives, this workshop will take place at 7.30 to 9.30pm Wednesday 24 October. At this workshop you will learn techniques to help yourself – or your partner – prepare for and enjoy a normal birth, whether that be at home or in hospital.

Katrina’s sleeping twins at one day old

Tickets cost £5/10 individuals/couple. Booking is essential. Contact Nappy Ever After, mail2007@nappyeverafter.co.uk or call 020 7383 5115 for a booking form.

Placenta Encapsulation Information Workshop

OK, this event is on 1 November from 6.30 to 8pm, but we’re including it in the October events anyway! :- This will be an informational evening for parents to learn the benefits of utilising the placenta for healing after birth.

A chance for parents to ask Saskia and Jessica, North London Specialists of IPEN Placenta Network, questions about the 3rd stage, post-natal health and their options with their placenta.

Placenta capsules, photo courtesy of http://www.placentanetwork.com

£5 booking fee (partners can attend for free) – £5 off your placenta remedies with your local IPEN Placenta Specialist. Bookings essential here.

We have one more event to share but we’ll leave this for the next post. We’re finalising details this week!

Nappy Ever After

Elimination Communication

What is it? Can we do it in a modern society? How does it work?

We’re not the experts on the subject of elimination communication, sometimes known as natural infant hygiene, by any means. We’ve not used it properly on any of our children, although we were definitely using some of the same techniques when toilet training.  And we’ve discussed it with many parents over the years, whether it be advice about early toilet training or being asked for products which help when ECing. Our current general advice handout that we give out at our shop and at Nappuccinos, includes the following information:

What is elimination communication (EC)?

  • Babies are born with the idea to be clean.
  • EC is about listening and responding to your baby’s needs and to change her/him when s/he ‘asks’.
  • Help your baby ‘eliminate’ without a nappy, eg make a ‘psss’ sound when you change your baby to encourage her/him to pee on an open nappy.
  • For more information google ‘elimination communication’ or see www.bornready.co.uk.

Our current stock of Becopottys are perfect for those considering ECing because they are smaller than many potties (please note new versions of this potty may be bigger so check with your retailer).

It was great to see EC/NIH showcased in Sharon Horgan’s programme How to Be a Good Mother (around minute 9:30). Daria is a ‘Continuum Mum’ where the mother remains as close as possible to the baby by co-sleeping, sling-wearing and responding to her baby’s needs, as an example, knowing when she is going to the toilet. It was also great to see Daria sharing her knowledge and support with other local parents. There is a forum on http://www.bornready.co.uk which has loads of help and support for parents and carers.

In the same spirit, we teamed up with Rachel Richardson, an expert in Natural Infant Hygiene, and recently ran two events at our shop for people who were interested in finding out more about EC/NIH. Both of these events were sold out – contact us if you’d be interested in attending another one. Rachel is holding another session at the Coin St Neighbourhood Centre, Southwark, on 9 February. See here for booking information.

If you’d like to know more, then also take a look at Rachel’s Fact File on the Real Nappies for London site.

Nappy Ever After

Plans for 2012

Following on from our successes of 2011, here’s what we’re thinking about for 2012.

We know 2012 in London is the year of sport (we’re already grappling with how we can manage our laundry delivery services during the Olympics, Euston Rd, forget it :-() but we’ve a few exciting events planned for 2012 too!

We’re looking at holding regular events in the shop – our first one, a Natural Hygiene event, was held last week and was sold out. We’ve another planned for 2 February. If you’ve been thinking of ECing but not sure where to start then Rachel will guide you through how you can make it work for you. Bookings essential here. Other events we’re planning are homeopathy when pregnant, homeopathy for children, natural parenting classes, sling meets and baby massage. And maybe even a nappy film premiere! If you’ve any ideas for events we could hold then please email us at mail2007@nappyeverafter.co.uk.

We’ve extended our opening hours on a more permanent basis. We’re now open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am to 3pm and Tuesday 10am to 5pm. We’d love some back-up if Su or Joy is ill, so if you have any time to volunteer to cover some shop hours, please let us know.

So long winter, hello spring!

We want to continue to offer advice around London, not just at our shop. If you’ve some time each month to spare and want to become one of our advisors, then please get in touch. If you can drop leaflets in antenatal clinics, baby classes, then again please get in touch.

Staff changes: Katrina is leaving Nappy Ever After as she and her family are relocating to Toronto for a couple of years. Su is covering the shop and all queries, Ru and Liam are doing deliveries, and Joy is back doing the accounts and general management duties. We’re talking with someone about taking over the management of Nappy Ever After on a more permanent basis and will update you when we know more. Katrina is still managing the Facebook, Twitter and Blog pages so by all means pop by if you want to catch her!

We’re always looking to make sure we offer the best, reliable nappies and associated nappy products in London. If you have anyfeedback about our products or services, please let us know.

Love your planet, love nappies!


The Nappy Ever After team