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One Week Only! EARLY Autumn/Winter 2013 Disana clothing orders taken now!

After the HUGE success of our last pre-order of Disana organic woollen clothing, we’re offering our customers an opportunity to take advantage of a new VERY EARLY pre-order date.

(We know it’s hard to think about autumn and winter 2013/2014 but bear with us!)

Any orders placed with us before April 15 will be delivered between mid-July and end-October.

Disana has just released a new range of ‘Melange’ knitwear. It’s made by knitting together threads of different colours to create new colour effects. This knitting technique is distinguished by large stitches that keep the heat from escaping and make the fabric soft and stretchy at the same time.

Disana's new 'Melange' range of knitwear – jumper and hat

Disana’s new ‘Melange’ range of knitwear – jumper and hat

You can see the Disana’s new clothing items are on the Disana website www.disana.de (catalogue link http://www.disana.de/engl/pdfs/prospekteengl/disana_katalog_englisch_privat.pdf, winter items from page 30) or you can call into our shop to view the catalogue in person. Sorry because of Real Nappy Week activities we don’t have time to host an open shop afternoon as we’ve done in the past.

We keep down the price by taking pre-orders and pre-payment. This way you get high-quality organic merino wool and silk clothing (for babies, children and adults) at about 50% of the cost you would pay normally. Looked after properly these clothes are an investment; they last for ages, and baby and children’s clothes can be passed on.

We do this because we want to give business to the companies that continue to make these truly magnificent products but also we want you to have the experience of wearing them. We only discovered woollen underwear for our families after being introduced to it by a Nappy Ever After customer; now we’re hooked. We look forward to the cold so we can wear them.

Disana's new 'Melange' knitwear range

Disana’s new ‘Melange’ knitwear range

In the past, customers have ordered knitted jumpers, knitted leggings, boiled wool overalls and boiled wool blankets.

PLEASE NOTE: Discounted prices are only available on pre-ordered items, not our usual stock lines. Prepayment is required. All orders are taken at the customer’s risk however we can advise on sizing. There are no returns or refunds on pre-ordered goods.


Gift ideas for coming holiday season!

We’ve been updating our stock and have loads of gift ideas we wanted to share with you all! Here’s our top 5 gift ideas for friends and families with newborns and small children (I so wish I had a newborn so I could buy a Christmas Easyfit nappy!):

1) Christmas nappy – we are usually all about the longevity of products but we couldn’t resist the Christmas Easyfit prints – Ginger, Robin and Rudolph. Anyway, who cares, we can wear this all year and not just on Christmas Day, especially as it’s a birth-to-potty nappy! We have limited stock of this excellent-performing nappy which recently won the Mother & Baby Gold award. If you’re not familiar, it’s a pocket nappy, top-side bamboo, pocket-side microfibre, in three cute waterproof prints. It does take longer to dry than our cotton and complete microfibre alternatives but it’s a fab nappy and highly recommended.

2) Mother & Baby balms – we’re always sceptical about creams, especially when they say they can be used with cloth nappies and don’t damage the nappy. [As an aside, always use a liner if using a barrier cream.] Simon from the NZ Honey Shop paid us a visit one Tuesday afternoon about a year ago and since then, we and our customers have been Baby Balm fans. So we jumped at the chance of stocking the Mother & Baby balms gift pack. One 50g pot of Mother balm – perfect for cracked nipples, stretch marks – and one 50g pot of Baby balm – perfect for nappy rash, psoriasis, chafing. All at a 15% discount on the recommended individual prices.

3) Imajo Fairtrade dolls – we’ve personally bought and given so many of these dolls as presents in the last five years, that we decided to stock themselves! Fairtrade and made by hand in Sri Lanka, these dolls are cute and cuddly and your child can have hours of fun with the removable clothes. Perfect gifts for the little one in your house. Special price of 13.99 if you quote ‘Blog’ at point of sale.

4) Frugi Sleeping Gown – these sleeping gowns are always a fab present for parents, but so many people don’t know about them! Made from organic cotton, these gowns cocoon your baby and make it feel snug and safe. Nappy changes are a breeze as you roll up the gown, no need to wrestle with legs in babygros. Bonus integral scratch mittens. Available in neutral cow, blue lion or pink sheep. Other fab organic Frugi clothes also available instore or online.

5) Last but not least Sophie Le Giraffe is the perfect teething toy for your baby. Made from natural rubber, perfect for babies to suck, chew or squeeze. In fact, a squeeze makes Sophie laugh! The muted colours stimulate the child’s senses and gums are soothed when chewed.

PS We couldn’t shout about our gorgeous range of Disana blankets as we currently don’t have them available online. Drop by our shop or call us for more details – pure organic merino wool receiving blankets, knitted cotton blankets perfect for cribs and cots or cotton flannel blankets perfect for swaddling. Again perfect presents for you or someone special.

Happy holidays from the Nappy Ever After team

Top 10 benefits of using organic cotton prefolds

In January 2010, we’ve been counting down the top 10 benefits of using organic cotton prefolds on our facebook page and on twitter. So here’s a recap:

#1: Organic cotton is the best for a baby’s bottom: no chemicals, just
pure unbleached organic cotton material against the baby’s skin

# 2: Bummis organic cotton prefolds are more thirsty than any prefolds we’ve tried: our home-washing laundry customers concur

#3: One of the most economical cloth nappy systems on the market: to complete the set you need six wraps for babies under six months and four wraps for over six months – no need to wash the whole nappy at every change

#4: So easy to use: Fold and place inside the wrap; a two-part system can actually be put on in one go! Or attach with a Nappi Nippa for newborn containment…

#5: Best for newborn poo containment – our laundry customers confirm that the  prefold system is the best for newborns – no leaks, no mess!

#6: Quick drying – open them out flat for easy and quick drying

#7: Bummis organic prefolds are soft to touch after every wash: no need to tumble dry – this is the only prefold we have used that remains soft when air dried, even in hard water areas

#8: Easy to use as boosters if you need extra absorbency at night!

#9: So versatile: use as a changing mat for nappy-free time or for mopping up those accidents during nappy changes; and then there are the uses for them once your kids have stopped using nappies!

#10: And finally when more and more people are talking about the
end-to-end life-cycle of cloth nappies, organic cotton is the greenest
option: no pesticides on the cotton bushes means happy workers and
recycling the cotton at the end of its use means a happy planet

We love prefolds!