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Planning to potty train this Summer?

Want some help?

Nappy Ever After is looking for parents who are planning to help their child use the potty soon.  Won’t it be great?  No more nappy changing, no more buying disposable nappies or less washing if you’re already using cloth nappies.  And we want to help you and child make this great step towards independence.

We want to give you some FREE BRAND NEW cotton nappies to use before you introduce your child to wearing pants.  Why are we GIVING nappies away?  Cotton nappies give your child the sensation of wetness.  We believe this stimulates her/him to experiment with holding her/his bladder.  Logically this makes starting to wear pants and keep them dry easier.  We need your help to find out if this is true.

We are holding 30 mins workshops Monday to Friday, 22-26 June when you can take away FREE nappies.  The waterproof wraps are also free if your toddler is over 30lbs.  If your child is less than that you can buy medium wraps for £5 each.  You only need 2.  We will also give you night boosters so your child can wear cotton nappies at night.  We believe this also helps your child control her/his bladder during sleep.  The only thing you may want to buy is a roll of 100 liners which cost £3.95 each.  This catches the poo so it doesn’t go on the nappy and you don’t have to wash poo it off.

All we ask is that you fill out an online survey before you start using the nappies and 8 weeks after you started.

We are holding workshops every day from Monday 22 June to Friday 26 June from 11-11.30am.  Please book via this Eventbrite booking form.  If you really want to participate but can’t make any of these workshops please call 020 7014 3006 and we can schedule some more to suit you.  If no one picks up leave a message and we will call you back.  Tell your friends about this offer.  We need about 100 participants to make this a good piece of research.

Please note using cotton nappies is about bladder control.  For poos (bowel control) cotton nappies don’t really help.  To help your child to start using a potty for pooing let her/him sit on the potty once a day, without a nappy on, and read her him a story or enjoy a singing session together.  It doesn’t matter whether a poo comes or not.  If you know when one is likely to come it’s good to do it around that time, eg after a meal or on waking.

When a poo does land in the pot show that you are pleased and help your child be pleased about it.  If your child tends to poo in the bath (this often happens because the muscles become relaxed by the warm water) you make take your child out of the bath after a couple of minutes to sit on the pot.  Play around and see what works for you and your child.

Another tip is for you to do some imagainary potty training with your child.  Get your child to put a nappy on a favourite teddy or doll, change its nappy, put the toy on the potty and praise the toy when there’s an imaginary poo or pee in the potty.  You can also find books to read to your toddler that help your child understand the process.  We can talk about all of this at the workshop.

I look forward to meeting you.  Children welcome.

If you think your children’s centre or play group would like me to come and run a session let me know.  I’m happy to come along and bring the cotton nappies.  As I’ve already said, we need to find 100 participants to get results that mean something.



Why we are not at the #Baby Show

The Baby Show is on and we are often asked why we don’t attend.  The reason: the events company that runs the Baby Show also holds arms fairs. Of course they call them Defence & Security shows.  As far as we’re concerned they help arm both sides of conflicts and make money from it. Our customers shop with us because they want to make the world a better place for their children.  We believe our customers would not want us to give money to a company like Clarion Events even if it attending its Baby Shows would bring our nappies to a wider audience. Are we right?  Tell us what you think.

No delivery charges when you Click & Collect!

After much thought, we have decided to stop  postal/courier delivery services from our on-line shop.  After 3 years of trying to deliver a service that is often excellent but too often disappointing, causing stress, and expense and wasting everyone’s time, we have realised that we can’t deliver a service that is cost-effective and meets customer expectations.

As we have a shop based in London, within a 5 minute walk of Euston, Kings Cross and St Pancras stations (we probably have the best public transport links in Europe,) we’re hoping more of you will Click& Collect.  Look on Streetmap. These days you don’t even have to walk along the Euston Road from any of these 3 stations.   Often partners, friends or neighbours pick up on-line orders for our customers and this works really well.  Although our ‘shop’ hours are restricted (Tuesdays 2-6pm, Wed 9am-4pm) we are often here doing admin.  Just call or email to arrange.

We also like meeting you – and your babies!  Running a real nappy business and shop is not easy.  It’s always been meeting our customers that’s made it enjoyable and given us the will to continue.  Plus knowledge and experience gets shared.  It’s good!

You can also pick up from Hackney City Farm on the second Wednesday evening of the month when we run nappy info sessions.  From March (or earlier if there’s demand) we will be running real nappy sessions at Mother’s Hub, E17 so you can collect orders from us there.   It’s possible we could arrange other collection points, such as Children’s Centres that are open during the day.  Let us know if you have suggestions that work for you.

We understand some of you can’t get out.  If you live in Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Tower Hamlets, Camden or Waltham Forest we may be able to deliver (when we’re doing the laundry round).  Call or drop us an email to ask.

If you really want an order sent to you phone or email. We may be able to send by courier but we just need to to make it clear, we are not Amazon!

This is a quality of life issue.  We know that just-in-time deliveries and repeated missed deliveries are an environmental issue, especially for London air quality.  We don’t want to be contributing to that problem.

What we also  want to do is get rid of the diesel vehicle we use for our laundry service and get our electric freight bike out of the shop window and back on the road.  Any suggestions of grants available?   We have some fund-raisers planned so please look out for those and help publicise (we’re running them in Climate Week – 3-9 March 2014).  We need about £2,000 for new batteries and a charger to make this happen.  If it reduces costs (we think it will) we’ll be able to bring down the weekly laundry service charge.  So a better way to do business.

Competitions galore!

It’s competition time at Nappy Ever After!

First competition is on Facebook. Be our 250th Facebook liker and win a Blueberry Minky nappy! Three designs to choose from. Like us on Facebook here!


The second competition is on our online shop. We are very near having our 500th order – woohoo! Be our 500th order and win your order for FREE! This competition is open to UK-based customers only and includes delivery costs (sorry no overseas delivery!). You must also be a Facebook follower to win the prize.

We’ve recently added lots of new products – organic clothing, eco-cleaning products, new Tots Bots nappies – so plenty of reasons to get shopping now

Best of luck to our fans and customers!

Nappy Ever After