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Top 5 gift ideas from Nappy Ever After

Are you looking for gift ideas for expectant or new parents, babies and toddlers?

We have a selection of great gift ideas, in store and online. Here are our top 5 gift ideas that are a beautiful quality, practical and will last from one child to the next (except for maybe Sophie the Giraffe!). Buy any of these gifts and you’ll be generously thanked for such a thoughtful and useful present.


1) This organic Merino wool blanket by Disana is one of our best-sellers. It’s a receiving blanket, swaddling blanket, cot blanket and shawl for mum – a perfect gift for any newborn and new mum. Best of all it’s made of organic Merino wool, lightweight, yet cuddly and warm. Available in natural, red, blue and navy. £36.50

Disana Organic Merino Wool Blanket in blue

Disana Organic Merino Wool Blanket in blue

2) We’ve been selling these Frugi sleeping gowns for almost as long as we’ve been around (that’s 10 years next year! :-)). Made from organic cotton, the elasticated leg opening makes nappy changes a breeze – buy two, one on and one in the wash. £13

Frugi Sleep Gown in natural

Frugi Sleep Gown in natural


3) Even if you don’t use or wash cloth nappies, you can still use Cheeky Wipes washable wipes. Wipes are useful for dirty faces, dirty hands and of course dirty bottoms. Just machine wash with your normal wash, up to 60 degrees. These wipes are made from terry towelling or bamboo. 25 in packet for £13.50/15/18.95, fabric and colour dependent.

Washable wipes from Cheeky Wipes

Washable Cheeky Wipes

4) Sophie the Giraffe is a fun, soft teether toy made from natural rubber, perfect for babies to suck, chew or squeeze. In fact, a squeeze makes Sophie laugh! Gift-pack, £12.99

Sophie the Giraffe teether

Sophie the Giraffe teether

5) Last but not least the Disana range of woollen mittens and booties, made from light organic boiled wool. The mittens keep little hands dry and warm without overheating, allowing for lots of toboganning, snowball fights and building snowmen. The booties are perfect as slippers and pram or baby-carrier wear, a must-have for crawlers and walkers in the colder months. Green, purple, red. Mittens, £12.50; booties, £16.50

Disana woollen mittens in red

Disana woollen mittens in red

Disana woollen booties in red

Disana woollen booties in red

If none of the above suit you, then take a look at the Gift Ideas section on our website – lots more ideas there from £4 to £40.

And if you’re interested in giving the laundry service as a gift, just email us and we can put together a customised present for you. A great idea if family members want to club together and get something useful for the first few months, or during the harder washing months. Or purchase a gift voucher and then your friend or family member can find the perfect present in-store or online, for the laundry service or a specific product.

Whatever you decide, happy holidays from us all at Nappy Ever After!


New front windows, new indoor look too!

Su’s been busy with the shop’s front window and a new look indoors too – she says the Christmas windows will go up in a few weeks – CHRISTMAS…!

Nappy Ever After shop

Check out our range of nappies and clothes!

Nappy Ever After shop front windows

Do you dream of electric vehicles?

We do. Well almost.

We have an electric van and have used it for nappy laundry deliveries since June 2005.

Nappy Ever After van

We were one of the first companies to switch to a no-emission delivery vehicle; it made sense for us to preserve the London air quality alongside reducing landfill and waste with the laundry service. Because of our enterprising, we’ve even been used as a case study by Source London (Boris’ project to make London the electric vehicle capital in Europe). This week we were thrilled to read that the government has announced subsidies for those wanting to switch to using an electric van.

We’ve had some ups and downs along the way – and now, we’re unfortunately in a down. The van’s suspension has failed, ostensibly caused by the stress of the weight of the batteries going over the many speed bumps we encounter every day in London doing the deliveries. We can’t go fast so speeding over them has not been the issue!

We’d love to go back to zero tail-pipe emission deliveries but the company just can’t afford the cost of the repairs or to replace the van. It’s sad as Nappy Ever After is completely committed to sustainability even when it does make running costs more expensive. It’s the planet and quality of life that counts for our customers – our babies are our future.

For those of you thinking about buying an electric van for your business, please do. It’s the right thing. My top tip is to get the specifications of the batteries and read them carefully. Don’t rely on what the salesperson tells you – get the actually spec yourself.  I was told to charge the batteries immediately after use. The battery spec said to charge the batteries below a certain temperature (ie when they had cooled down). They performed better and lasted longer after we found that out. Batteries are expensive and have high environmental impacts so treat them with care.  Enjoy!

Nappy Ever After, Director

(Apologies to Philip K Dick for the title of this article. :-))

Laundry service price increases

Hi all,

Most of our customers know by now that we’ve had to increase our laundry service prices this year. We’ve not increased our collection fee since early 2009 and, as you can imagine, our costs have increased over the last three years. We’re a non-profit organisation and the weekly collection fee covers the cost of the washing/drying of the nappies, staff time for packung/delivery/collections, vehicle running costs and a portion of the shop rent and utilities. We do not make a profit on the service.

We’ve kept the increase as low as we could as we want to continue to support our customers in using the service – we don’t want to lose you!

Last year we had to increase our wrap and liner prices; new prices have just been sent to us but we do not expect to have to make any changes to these prices this year.

We’ve not increased our ecover refill prices for two years but prices also seem stable. We’ll let you know if any changes are required.

Thanks for your continued support for the service. If you have any questions, then email us or call us at the shop.


Nappy Ever After

Plans for 2012

Following on from our successes of 2011, here’s what we’re thinking about for 2012.

We know 2012 in London is the year of sport (we’re already grappling with how we can manage our laundry delivery services during the Olympics, Euston Rd, forget it :-() but we’ve a few exciting events planned for 2012 too!

We’re looking at holding regular events in the shop – our first one, a Natural Hygiene event, was held last week and was sold out. We’ve another planned for 2 February. If you’ve been thinking of ECing but not sure where to start then Rachel will guide you through how you can make it work for you. Bookings essential here. Other events we’re planning are homeopathy when pregnant, homeopathy for children, natural parenting classes, sling meets and baby massage. And maybe even a nappy film premiere! If you’ve any ideas for events we could hold then please email us at mail2007@nappyeverafter.co.uk.

We’ve extended our opening hours on a more permanent basis. We’re now open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am to 3pm and Tuesday 10am to 5pm. We’d love some back-up if Su or Joy is ill, so if you have any time to volunteer to cover some shop hours, please let us know.

So long winter, hello spring!

We want to continue to offer advice around London, not just at our shop. If you’ve some time each month to spare and want to become one of our advisors, then please get in touch. If you can drop leaflets in antenatal clinics, baby classes, then again please get in touch.

Staff changes: Katrina is leaving Nappy Ever After as she and her family are relocating to Toronto for a couple of years. Su is covering the shop and all queries, Ru and Liam are doing deliveries, and Joy is back doing the accounts and general management duties. We’re talking with someone about taking over the management of Nappy Ever After on a more permanent basis and will update you when we know more. Katrina is still managing the Facebook, Twitter and Blog pages so by all means pop by if you want to catch her!

We’re always looking to make sure we offer the best, reliable nappies and associated nappy products in London. If you have anyfeedback about our products or services, please let us know.

Love your planet, love nappies!


The Nappy Ever After team


Planning Real Nappy week

We had a meeting yesterday to start planning Real Nappy Week for this year. It’s on from Monday 26 April to 2 May. Why is Real Nappy Week always just after the school holidays??? 🙂

Anyway, we’ve started our planning – hospital events on the Monday, super sale in the shop on Tuesday, fashion show on Wednesday, thank you party on Thursday and fashion swap on Friday! Plus our usual outreach work, rewards for signing up to the laundry service during that week plus presents for our current laundry customers. Plus hopefully some videos of what we do and how we go about it on the Go Real website!

Stay tuned for more plans as we firm them up!

Van woes

Our electric van’s brakes are unsafe – we found out on Thursday. No, there wasn’t an accident – thank goodness! – but they had begun to feel soft so we got the mechanics out to have a look and they said the van was unsafe to drive.

Cue panic, as we had nappy laundry service deliveries on Friday and as usual all next week (brake part not due for some time as coming from Italy…hopefully by Thursday this coming week though!).  Su and I did the round in my car on Friday and we have hired a van for Tuesday to do the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday rounds.

We’ve just had a service, some motor refurbishment and new batteries (effectively 2.5 years of fuel up front) so we don’t need anything else to go wrong – can you hear us??? 🙂

It was quite fun doing the round, though, I have to admit, although it did mess with my Friday.

Still at least no braking accidents and that’s all that matters. Will try to post a picture of the van tomorrow.