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Birthday wishes

Our 10-year birthday party is planned for 24 March at Coram’s Fields – more details on this post. We would love to see you there!

Some of our invitees can’t make it on the day but we wanted to share their well-wishes with you:

Happy Birthday! We would have loved to join you but have already arranged to hold J’s 7th birthday party that afternoon.  B is now 8 1/2 so we would have been among the older of your past clients too so it is a shame. I do hope that you are continuing to go from strength to strength and that you have a great day on the 24th (and not too many cards wishing you a ‘Nappy Birthday’…) Helen

Thanks for the invite and congratulations! Emma

Congratulations on your 10th year; please give my sincere apologies as I will be out of the country on that date. I was involved in it [Nappy Ever After] being set up as a director of London Waste Ltd so my thoughts will be with you all that day. Cllr Roger Robinson

Cllr Roger Robinson, thanks to Camden New Journal

Cllr Roger Robinson, thanks to Camden New Journal

I’m so pleased to get your email and many happy returns. I bought nappies and used your nappy laundry service 7 years ago now, my daughter’s birthday was this week. Nina

We won’t be able to come unfortunately. We have moved back to Paris. We have a second child now and we are using for the second time the nappies we bought from Nappy Ever After. So thank you very much and all the best for the future. Enjoy the party! Jessica and family

Best wishes and thanks for all your hard work over the past three years that we’ve used you. Clare

Thanks for thinking of us: it is truly amazing that as you have stated that 10yrs have gone by since the launch of Nappy Ever After. My daughter turned 6 last week and is a bright child doing well in year 1 at school. Rita

I’d love to come; I’m now living in Brighton – a very good place to start up a nappy laundry service if you are interested. Hope you are well and congratulations. Neil

Wow how time flies! So good to hear from you… I will do my best to attend with my 2 Nappy Ever After babies who are now 8 & 12 years old. They love baking so will do some cakes to bring along… Kerrol

I still remember you coming to our Camden flat almost nine years ago – A is nine on the day of the party! – and showing me how to use the nappies for the laundry service. We worked out pretty quickly that they were so easy to use, we bought some for ourselves and started home-washing. We used to pop in and see you for liners before and after J&S were born, until that fateful day I wandered in, to drop off my very used prefolds for recycling and I decided I wanted to get more involved with Nappy Ever After. We’ve had some good days and bad days but above all it’s been a fantastic experience. I believe in what Nappy Ever After is all about and I know it will continue to thrive as others realise how great an enterprise it is. Sorry we can’t be with you on the day but we will be there in spirit. xx Katrina

Happy cloth-bummed 1-year-olds!

Happy cloth-bummed 1-year-olds!

Feel free to share your best wishes to us on here, on Facebook or at the party on Sunday!

The last 10 years & party plans!

As you heard from Joy yesterday, Nappy Ever After turns 10 years old on 28 March 2013.

Nappy Ever After shop

Nappy Ever After shop in the early days

We started as a very local cloth nappy laundry service in 2003, with the Chalton St shop premises taken on in May. As our customers moved to home-washing, we added more nappy brands and accessories to the shop, always on the look-out to stock ethical and organic items. In 2008 we started distributing Bummis, a Canadian ethical brand of cloth nappy, in the UK. In 2010, we launched our online shop. We’ve run Nappuccinos in Hackney, nappy demos all over Camden and Islington and started a nappy agent scheme for Londoners. And in the past year, we’ve begun to offer casual yet informative parenting classes for Londoners.

Nappy Ever After Nappuccino postcard

Nappy Ever After Nappuccino postcard

We promote waste minimisation, green initiatives and familial parenting – all this while continuing to provide face-to-face cloth nappy and parenting advice every week.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve adapted and changed our offering to meet the needs of the parents who come through our shop door or who we meet over the phone. In doing so, we’ve bucked the trend and continued to service the cloth nappying needs of Londoners and indeed some further afield.

Come and celebrate with us on Sunday 24 March from 11.30am to 2pm at Coram’s Fields. There will be a cloth nappy fashion show at 12noon; email alice@lcrn.org.uk for details.

Arthur Potts Dawson supporting cloth nappies at a Climate Week nappy fashion show

Arthur Potts Dawson supporting cloth nappies at a Climate Week nappy fashion show

Bring yourself and your children, something to sit on and some food to share. There will be food and drinks but any contributions of salad and cakes will be welcome. Please let us know if you’d like to run an activity session for children such as football, yoga, music-making, circus skills, etc.

We have booked the band room so there will be lots of space for games and if the weather’s good we can play outside too.

We would love to see as many of our lovely supporters from the past 10 years, especially our almost 10-year-old real nappy babies!

If you can’t come, we want to thank you for your support. Without you, we couldn’t have done it!

Joy and the NEA team

A Message from Nappy Ever After’s Founder

Joy, Founder of Nappy Ever After

Joy, Founder of Nappy Ever After

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I started Nappy Ever After.  It’s been a great experience, bringing me into contact with so many people.  I’ve made so many friends and been responsible for so many babies’ bottoms!  It’s been an honour.

I can’t say thank you to everyone individually but all of you who have worked, volunteered and been customers have been a part of this 10 years of success.  I have to thank a few people by name.  Tim, who helped decorate the shop (and worried about how it would ever make any money!) and more importantly helped me buy and run the electric van.  Also Philippa, who was a recycling officer at Camden Council when I called up and asked her what Camden was going to do to promote real nappies.  She asked me what I was going to do and Nappy Ever After was the result.  I also have to thank Su Wilson who ran Natural Nappies, the laundry that washed our nappies for the first seven years.  A big thank you too to Betsy and Shirley at Bummis in Canada who put their faith in us and let us distribute their wonderful organic cotton nappies in the UK.   A big thanks to Nacho, Ru and Danielle who cycled the nappies around and Liam, our driver who has worked for Nappy Ever After for eight years and never had a day off sick!  I also have to thank Katrina who ran Nappy Ever After for several years.  Unfortunately she can’t come to the party as she’s now in Toronto.  If it wasn’t for her, Nappy Ever After would have closed back in 2008.  Most of all thanks to Gareth Maeer, my husband, and my girls for all their patience and support.  There are so many more of  you that have helped in many different ways.  Thank you!

We are looking forward to the next 10 years.  My hope is that finally Nappy Ever After will get its own laundry so we can expand the laundry service again.  Perhaps it’s time to decorate the shop and put up a sign.

Meanwhile you are all welcome to join us for our 10th birthday party next Sunday 24 March at 11.30 at Coram’s Fields.  There will be a real nappy fashion show at noon.