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Annual Disana/Engel preorder wool event

Every Autumn, Nappy Ever After puts in an order for organic woollen clothing to Engel Natur and Disana. This year our ‘Wool Event’ at the shop is on Thursday 12 September from 6 to 8pm. All pre-orders are due by Friday 20 September.

At our instore event, you can look at, touch and possibly try on samples of Engel www.engel-natur.de and Disana clothing www.disana.de

This year Disana has released a new range of ‘Melange’ knitwear. It’s made by knitting together threads of different colours to create new colour effects as well as keep the heat from escaping. Engel’s new lines  can be seen in this PDF www.engel-natur.de/documents/engel_neuheiten_2013_gb.pdf (best to download it as it’s a large file).

Disana's new 'Melange' range of knitwear – jumper and hat

Disana’s new ‘Melange’ range of knitwear – jumper and hat

You can see the Disana’s new clothing items are on the Disana website www.disana.de (catalogue link http://www.disana.de/engl/pdfs/prospekteengl/disana_katalog_englisch_privat.pdf, winter items from page 30) or at the instore event on 12 September.

We keep down the price by taking pre-orders and pre-payment. This way you get high-quality organic merino wool and silk clothing (for babies, children and adults) at about 50% of the cost you would pay normally. Looked after properly these clothes are an investment; they last for ages, and baby and children’s clothes can be passed on.

For those of you who have a fear of washing wool there’s one simple rule: it must be washed and rinsed at a similar temperature (hot, cold or warm) or you shock it. For years we’ve ruined so many woollens; now that we do this, they remain as good as new. We will have samples to show you.

Disana's new 'Melange' knitwear range

Disana’s new ‘Melange’ knitwear range

We work out the price on an individual item and bulk order request so email us with your requests and we’ll get back to you with a price. Pre-payment is required for all orders.

We do this because we want to give business to the companies that continue to make these truly magnificent products but also we want you to have the experience of wearing them. We only discovered woollen underwear for our families after being introduced to it by a Nappy Ever After customer; now we’re hooked. We look forward to the cold so we can wear them.

In the past, customers have ordered natural wool/silk vests for babies, sleepsuits with feet (for babies who kick off the blankets), colourful sleeveless vests/long sleeve vests and leggings for kids as well as adult black wool/silk and cotton/silk vests and leggings from Engel. From Disana, we order bonnets, boots and mittens. We’re happy to review the items in the Engel and Disana catalogues and order other items as requested. Disana boiled wool items often need to be ordered in advance and can take longer to arrive.

If you really want to be there but can’t make it please let us know and we can call about what you’re interested in.

After the event, you have until Friday 20 September to choose, make orders and pre-payment. We usually get everything delivered about 10 days later.

Please let us know if you’re coming so we know how many people to expect. info@nappyeverafter.co.uk or call 020-7383-5115

PLEASE NOTE: Discounted prices are only available on pre-ordered items, not our usual stock lines. Prepayment is required. All orders are taken at the customer’s risk however we can advise on sizing. There are no returns or refunds on pre-ordered goods.

Soft merino wool bonnets by Engel

Soft merino wool bonnets by Engel


Top 5 gift ideas from Nappy Ever After

Are you looking for gift ideas for expectant or new parents, babies and toddlers?

We have a selection of great gift ideas, in store and online. Here are our top 5 gift ideas that are a beautiful quality, practical and will last from one child to the next (except for maybe Sophie the Giraffe!). Buy any of these gifts and you’ll be generously thanked for such a thoughtful and useful present.


1) This organic Merino wool blanket by Disana is one of our best-sellers. It’s a receiving blanket, swaddling blanket, cot blanket and shawl for mum – a perfect gift for any newborn and new mum. Best of all it’s made of organic Merino wool, lightweight, yet cuddly and warm. Available in natural, red, blue and navy. £36.50

Disana Organic Merino Wool Blanket in blue

Disana Organic Merino Wool Blanket in blue

2) We’ve been selling these Frugi sleeping gowns for almost as long as we’ve been around (that’s 10 years next year! :-)). Made from organic cotton, the elasticated leg opening makes nappy changes a breeze – buy two, one on and one in the wash. £13

Frugi Sleep Gown in natural

Frugi Sleep Gown in natural


3) Even if you don’t use or wash cloth nappies, you can still use Cheeky Wipes washable wipes. Wipes are useful for dirty faces, dirty hands and of course dirty bottoms. Just machine wash with your normal wash, up to 60 degrees. These wipes are made from terry towelling or bamboo. 25 in packet for £13.50/15/18.95, fabric and colour dependent.

Washable wipes from Cheeky Wipes

Washable Cheeky Wipes

4) Sophie the Giraffe is a fun, soft teether toy made from natural rubber, perfect for babies to suck, chew or squeeze. In fact, a squeeze makes Sophie laugh! Gift-pack, £12.99

Sophie the Giraffe teether

Sophie the Giraffe teether

5) Last but not least the Disana range of woollen mittens and booties, made from light organic boiled wool. The mittens keep little hands dry and warm without overheating, allowing for lots of toboganning, snowball fights and building snowmen. The booties are perfect as slippers and pram or baby-carrier wear, a must-have for crawlers and walkers in the colder months. Green, purple, red. Mittens, £12.50; booties, £16.50

Disana woollen mittens in red

Disana woollen mittens in red

Disana woollen booties in red

Disana woollen booties in red

If none of the above suit you, then take a look at the Gift Ideas section on our website – lots more ideas there from £4 to £40.

And if you’re interested in giving the laundry service as a gift, just email us and we can put together a customised present for you. A great idea if family members want to club together and get something useful for the first few months, or during the harder washing months. Or purchase a gift voucher and then your friend or family member can find the perfect present in-store or online, for the laundry service or a specific product.

Whatever you decide, happy holidays from us all at Nappy Ever After!