Top 10 benefits of using organic cotton prefolds

In January 2010, we’ve been counting down the top 10 benefits of using organic cotton prefolds on our facebook page and on twitter. So here’s a recap:

#1: Organic cotton is the best for a baby’s bottom: no chemicals, just
pure unbleached organic cotton material against the baby’s skin

# 2: Bummis organic cotton prefolds are more thirsty than any prefolds we’ve tried: our home-washing laundry customers concur

#3: One of the most economical cloth nappy systems on the market: to complete the set you need six wraps for babies under six months and four wraps for over six months – no need to wash the whole nappy at every change

#4: So easy to use: Fold and place inside the wrap; a two-part system can actually be put on in one go! Or attach with a Nappi Nippa for newborn containment…

#5: Best for newborn poo containment – our laundry customers confirm that the  prefold system is the best for newborns – no leaks, no mess!

#6: Quick drying – open them out flat for easy and quick drying

#7: Bummis organic prefolds are soft to touch after every wash: no need to tumble dry – this is the only prefold we have used that remains soft when air dried, even in hard water areas

#8: Easy to use as boosters if you need extra absorbency at night!

#9: So versatile: use as a changing mat for nappy-free time or for mopping up those accidents during nappy changes; and then there are the uses for them once your kids have stopped using nappies!

#10: And finally when more and more people are talking about the
end-to-end life-cycle of cloth nappies, organic cotton is the greenest
option: no pesticides on the cotton bushes means happy workers and
recycling the cotton at the end of its use means a happy planet

We love prefolds!


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