Is this the end of Nappy Ever After?

Last Tuesday I found out that the laundry where our nappies are washed faces closure.  The London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which runs the laundry needs to make financial savings.

Nappy Ever After is just one of the laundry’s clients.  Its main role is to serve residents who suffer from incontinence.  A former manager of the laundry (now retired) has started a petition to keep the laundry open.  He was the person who took on Nappy Ever After as a client.  TH laundry stepped in, when the first laundry  could no longer serve us,  meaning we could continue.

If you’d like to sign Adrian’s petition to keep the laundry open please go to

Will Nappy Ever After survive without the laundry?  Our laundry service is just part of our business.  It’s difficult to separate out income and expenditure strands completely.  For instance there’s no doubt that our Nappy Ever After freight bike is great on street marketing (as was our electric van.)  We will probably survive financially at least to the end of the lease at 81 Murray Grove.

However, it will be sad to see our laundry service go. Partly because many new parents are frightened of the washing and the laundry service helps them try real nappies.  Partly because many people in London, living in small flats, really need a laundry service – especially in winter.  But also because we have nursery clients too and we did want to expand to start supplying a London maternity ward or birth centre.

We may find another laundry, we may have to suspend the laundry service for a while, but even better, if you sign the petition you may be able to keep Nappy Ever After’s laundry service going and the incontinence service for vulnerable London residents.

Please sign the petition at

Alternatively you can write directly to the Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs

Thanks to everyone who has been a Nappy Ever After customer and kept us going.  Thanks also to all our employeess and volunteers.  What we have done together has made a difference and is important.  It will grow, but we need your support to keep the laundry open.


One response to “Is this the end of Nappy Ever After?

  1. Petition for the laundry now gaining speed. Please share the petition through social media.

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