I’m loving Rockin Green, a personal blog from Joy

Before we go any further you probably need to get over your emotional reaction to the price of Rockin Green, as did I.  “£17.75 for a packet of laundry powder!” I hear you exclaim.  Surely this is exploitation of green consumers.  But now put the rational part of your brain in gear.  A 1.3kg bag of laundry detergent does up to 90 loads.  That makes it approximately 20p a load.  It’s concentrated.  You only use ONE desert spoon.  Makes sense now?

“But does it work?”    I’ve been using it for over a year now and my family LOVE it.   Admittedly we’d been using a mix of other eco washing products over the last 10 years.  We had to give up mainstream detergents a long time ago because of eczema.  Since using Rockin Green we all enjoy having really clean clothes and best of all clean bed linen.

I used to think if something had been in the washing machine it was clean.  But around 8 years ago I had an epiphany. I spent a few days at the Baby Show running a stand with Shirley Murdock from Bummis.  She told me how front loading washing machines work.  The problem is that the dirty water is spun out through the clothes.  This means they have to add optical brighteners & whiteners – the now famous residues – that turn our whites grey and stop nappies being absorbent.

Soon after that,  when I was on holiday in Portugal I had another laundry-changing moment.  I saw a washing line of really bright white laundry.  This made me try out the laundry sink that stood on the balcony of our holiday apartment.  Do you know the type?  They have a slanting ridged surface with a sink below.  Basically a scrubbing board.

I rubbed the soap I found under the sink on my husband’s white  t-shirts (well actually white turned grey) and couldn’t believe the colour of the water that came out and then how white the t-shirt was.  I remember also washing a little yellow Christopher Robin style raincoat.  Washing became a pleasurable, rewarding hobby that summer.  My family were rather surprised by my transformation into a domestic goddess!

So, on returning back to Kings Cross and London’s hard water, when articles of clothing or tea towels came out of the washing machine grey I resorted to rubbing with soap.  I’d also learned somewhere along the way to clean the washing machine once in a while to make sure the water entering the drum was actually clean and not mould infested.

And then Katrina, helping out from Canada organised a contract for Nappy Ever After to become the Rockin Green distributor for the UK & Europe.  Obviously I had to try out the product.  The first thing to establish is what type of water you have.  There are two formulas; Classic Rock and Hard Rock.  If you’re not sure you can test the water.  If you have lots of lime building up in your kettle your water is hard, if it doesn’t you haven’t.

The second  important thing when switching to Rockin Green is to start with a Rock-a-soak routine.  The first time you wash laundry with this product you need to get all the dirt and residues out that have been building up on the surface (plus the minerals if your water is hard.)  After that you just wash as normal.  When I say normal that has become, rinse cycle first, then wash cycle with detergent, then rinse again.

Some people will say that’s too much water.  It’s true it would be better environmentally if we were not using drinking water to wash our clothes and flush our loos.  However, we are where we are.  Water charities have told me that in the UK the issue is not so much the quantity (although I must say I don’t power shower every day or flush every time and I don’t leave the tap running while I clean my teeth etc) as what we put into the water.  So using more water to wash with detergent that doesn’t contain optical brighteners and whiteners is more ecological.  Or is it?  I’m open to your views, but meanwhile I’m loving having clean clothes and bed linen.

If you want to try it out I recommend you get 2 samples.  The first sachet is for the Rock-a-soak and you use all of it.  The second will do 3-4 washes of a front-loading washing machine.  Experience clean clothes and of course, clean nappies.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to share my experience of Rockin Green with you but it’s been a struggle to

a) get the stock levels to a point that we have stock to sell to all our customers and

b) time to write this.


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