Nappy Ever After’s Quick Guide to Buying Real Nappies

Choose between these options:

  • All-in-ones:  nappies that are quick and easy to change, most like a disposable, easy to wash and quick to dry,  last from birth to potty. Choose these (£17 each) or these (£16 each) You will need about 16 so total spend is £240 – £272.
  • Fitted nappies plus waterproof cover: this birth-to-potty nappy is organic cotton so natural next to baby’s skin.   This one is more absorbent and is good for nights when your baby is sleeping for longer.  You need a total of 16 nappies plus a few waterproof covers
  • Pre-folds with waterproof wraps:  organic unbleached cotton so natural next to baby’s skin.  You also need waterproof covers (1 cover to 4 nappies). These nappies are only £3 each so most people buy 24.  Weight guide for nappies is up to 20lbs (9kg) so you may larger nappies (£4 each) after baby about 6 months.  See our video on how to fold.
  • G-diaper system: Also quick & easy to change.  Require no folding.  Slim fitting only take a little longer to dry.  Option to use washable or disposable inserts.  Choose these.

All the nappies we sell at Nappy Ever After do the job so please don’t be paralysed by the choice.  If you haven’t chosen yet why not buy a trial kit?  These are a mix of some of the above.  You then buy more, based on your own experience, to build up your stash.

Don’t forget to add liners to your order.  These catch the poo so it goes in the bin or down the loo and not in your washing machine.  WARNING: only put poo in the loo, not  liners.  It will get blocked.

Was this useful?  Do call 020 7014 3006 if you need help.  We are often out & about but leave a message and a good time to call you back.  We also run real nappy workshops when you can see, touch and discuss the different nappies. Visit for current events.


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