Two part nappy systems – why we love them

All nappies need liners.  These tend to be disposable.  They’re usually just a bit of paper that catches the solid so you don’t put poo in your washing machine.  They go in the bin or down the loo.  In addition nappies need to be

a) absorbent (to capture and hold moisture) and

b) waterproof (so clothes don’t get wet)

The absorbent part of the nappy tends to be natural (cotton: terry,flannel, muslin or bamboo) or more recently synthetic (microfibre.)  You can get flat nappies that need to be folded like this, or fitted ones like this.

The waterproof wrap tends to be either synthetic (polyester with waterproof lining) or natural (wool that hasn’t had the oil taken out of it.)

You can also get all-in-one nappies that combine the waterproof layer and absorbent nappy like this.

These are the top 3 reasons why we love two-part systems:

  • More economic:  whilst you need lots of nappies* – as this part has to be washed after every change – you don’t need many waterproof wraps (usually 1 wrap to 4 nappies is enough) as they don’t have to be washed so frequently.
  • Washing: it’s good to be able to wash the absorbent part of the nappy separately to the waterproof wrap.    The waterproof part is more delicate and can often just be rinsed out and will dry on the line within hours.
  • Leakproofing: with a two-part system you can either opt for a birth-to-potty wrap or a sized wrap, known by fans as ‘Perfect fit’

We’re very excited by Bummis new Fitted Flannels as they are relatively quick drying (compared to bamboo) and make two-part systems a real option again for London parents living in small homes with limited drying space.  Not only this they are made in Canada by workers who are paid properly.

* We recommend 3 days worth of nappies.  If your baby has just been born you will probably need to change her/him 8 times a day.  This means you need 24 nappies (one day’s worth will be clean and dry while the other 16 nappies are in the wash/drying.)

If your baby is older you may only change her/him 5 times a day.  In this case you will only need 15.


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