Why is Nappy Ever After leaving Camden?

We had some customers in the shop yesterday who thought it was our choice to leave Somers Town to move to Hackney.  We would have liked to stay but I was taught to stand up to bullies.  Our landlords Camden Property Services want us to put up and shut up.  Even Camden Councillors, our elected representatives have no power to affect how the monster, Camden Property Services behaves.  Neither a private landlord nor a public landlord it’s somewhere in between with no respect for its tenants, no responsibility to the communities in which their properties exist.  I had one resident shed tears on the doorstep of Nappy Ever After last week saying she was so proud to have our shop on her street.

No, we’re not going because we want to leave, we’re going because the rent keeps going up and we’re in a recession and no matter what new things we try we can’t make the business work with landlords like Camden Property Services.


One response to “Why is Nappy Ever After leaving Camden?

  1. So sorry to hear that, hope your new premises are better and please keep up the good work that you do Sue and Joy are both fab

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