Special real nappy promotion at the Chalton Street Festival, Saturday 12 July from 2pm

This will be Nappy Ever After’s last Chalton Street Festival and I’ve just realised we’ve been distributing Bummis in the UK since July 2008 so I’ve decided to hold a special one-off promotion of their products starting on festival day (after Rachel Richardson’s NIH session – sorry fully booked) and running through to Friday 18th July at 6pm.

This offer will apply to ALL Bummis products – buy one and buy a second one of the same item for half-price (one gorgeous Swimmi for your baby and one for your friend’s?). In store only. We are close to Euston and Kings Cross stations so easy to get to even if you live outside London! No on-line pre-orders as updating the sales cart would be impossible.

We distribute Bummis nappies for many important reasons.  Here are just 4:

  1. Reliable: Bummis bring nothing to market without testing it thoroughly first
  2. Ethical: all products (except pre-folds and liners) are made in Canada where the staff are paid properly and quality is carefully supervised
  3. Organic: cotton pre-folds are organic and unbleached – good for our babies, the cotton growers and the planet
  4. Gorgeous: Bummis are passionate about making cloth nappies desirable

We love bummis pre-fold nappies. They are big enough to wrap around the baby at the new-born stage. This is very important to prevent leaks.

Pre-folds are possibly the most simple nappy to change when most nappies are simply damp and all you need is an absorbent, oblong pad down the centre of the waterproof wrap.

Contrary to popular opinion pre-folds don’t have to be bulky: if you’re giving your 6 months plus baby the opportunity to pee on a pot at change time (who wouldn’t, if this is what your baby shows s/he wants) you can keep using the small nappy (folded vertically) through to potty training. This saves you money too.

Cotton nappies also help your baby to start experimenting with controlling her/his bladder through feeling the nappy becoming damp. There is no scientific evidence, but from my experience and what people tell us this helps with day and night-time bladder control.

If your child is at the potty or night-training stage we have lots of bummis products that will help you save money and make the process easier for you and your child.  Come along and talk to us about what you need.

Please be aware that Saturday 12 July is the day of the Chalton Street Festival so come with an empty stomach so you can enjoy the food on sale. Allow enough time to enjoy the music and dancing. Believe me, the street will be buzzing! For those of you who haven’t visited our shop before, it’s cool and dark even when the sun is shining and we have lots of chairs if you need to sit down.  You can breastfeed, change your baby, have some tea.  There may even be chocolate cake!

Oh yeah, and we distribute Rockin Green too so we’ll be giving out samples (normal price £1.95).

And there’s also a big all-American style yard sale happening on the same day at Kings Cross.  For more details click here.


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