Want to experience Nappy Ever After’s unique nappy advice service?

If yes, you need to hurry – and tell your friends they need to be quick.  Notice has been given to LB Camden Property Services and Nappy Ever After needs to have vacated its little Somers Town shop by 1 August.

Here’s an example of the sort of service we have been offering over the last 11 years.  Last week a couple brought in some nappies  they’d acquired via Freecycle.  The expectant mum had phoned the week before saying she’d got all these nappies but didn’t really know what to do with them or whether she had cnough.  “Can you help me?” she’d asked.

Sat down at the table together in the late afternoon sunshine (west facing shops are lovely for that) we examined the nappies together.  She’d done what I’d suggested and hadn’t brought all her stash, just attached a piece of paper with the number of how many she had of each type.  There were some wonderful nappies.  I gushed enthusiastically over a nappy I’d never seen before, a fitted all-in-one for a newborn – barely used.  “This would have been so expensive,” I enthused  “It will take a while to dry, I wouldn’t buy it new but it’s wonderful.”  Similarly the newborn Tots Bots Bamboozles were in fantastic condition.  “You’re very lucky.  This is a great find,” I added.

“But what do we do with this?” her partner asked handing me an Imse Vimse.  “Now this nappy I never got … for years.” I tell him  “It’s so thin, isn’t it?”   I explain that in Sweden it’s common to hold your baby over a pot at change time.  That means the nappy is  just being used like potty training pants really, just for accidents.  I show the couple how to put the nappy on the doll and we struggle slightly to close this nappy with the Nippa that really works best with towelling nappies as an alternative to  nappy pins.

“Am I being boring?  I’m sorry, I’m such a nappy nerd,” I apologise.     “No, not at all” the expectant dad says.  “This is great, this is what we’re here for.”  We count up how many nappies and wraps they have of each size.  I advise putting all the nappies through a 60 degrees wash cycle without any detergent.   “They will become much softer and be more absorbent after that.”  The couple spend their Real Nappies for London voucher, picking out a green and purple nappy because they will be having a Wimbledon baby.   They pick up a bucket for £5 too.  “You can’t be without one of those” I say.  They don’t need laundry bags because they already have some.  But they do get a reusable wipe kit.  Their friends have recommended this product highly.

So all in all they spend about £30 and they may have all the nappies plus reusable wipes and a bucket that they will need for their baby.  What we offer at Nappy Ever After is old-fashioned customer service.  I don’t give opinions (unless pressed very hard) I want you to choose the nappies that you like and are right for you.  Then you will trust them and they will work for you and you’ll spread great WOM about real nappies.

As I said, if you’d like to find out about real nappies at our shop in Somers Town you need to hurry.  We have handed in our notice on 96 Chalton Street and will be out by 1 August.  Want to know the reason why?  That’s for my next post.  But I’ll give you some clues: rent, recession, vested interests and inertia.

So that also means only one more Natural Infant Hygiene Workshop (that thing where you hold your baby over a pot before s/he is 6-9 months old) with Rachel Richardson.  It’s on Saturday 12 July.  We also have one more Preparation for breastfeeding session coming up with Maya Midwives and Nappy Ever After (in association with Maya Midwives) have also joined the Positive Birth Movement and will have our first session and probably only one at 96 Chalton Street on Wednesday 25 June – we are hoping to find an alternative home when the shop closes.  We’ve proposed 2pm as the time but are open to changing that according to what works for you.  Maya Midwives are also holding an ante-natal week-end at our shop – for people who feel the NCT is not quite right for them.  North London Slings will be here every Wednesday morning too, 11-1pm.

Share with your friends and tell them to use it while they can!  One other thing, you can also apply for your RNfL voucher in person at Nappy Ever After.  See how here.

Did you get good service at Nappy Ever After?  Will you be sad to see us go?  Please post below and tell us.






3 responses to “Want to experience Nappy Ever After’s unique nappy advice service?

  1. I’m so sad to hear that the shop has to move – I hope it’s a move and not closing? – unless of course you can find premises nearer to me, then I will be very happy! I bought my first washable nappies for my daughter from Nappy Ever After and the knowledge and service of the staff there is fantastic. We are so lucky to have a shop in Central London where you can look at, touch, and ask questions about the nappies – it makes a huge difference to understanding how they work and how easy they are to use. I hope to make it down to the shop soon to spend my Real Nappies for London voucher. I really hope you can find new premises soon.

  2. Very sad to see you go. I also bought my first nappies at the shop with the voucher and later ran my natal hypnotherapy workshops from there introducing relaxation techniques and nappies to some wonderful couples. Thank you Joy and the team for all you’ve done and we hope you can find new premises too. See you on the 25th for the first PBM meeting! Ruth x

  3. Donna Fenby Taylor

    Really, really sad to hear you’re moving out. You gave me some brilliant advice when I came in to explore the types of nappies, then when I came back with my partner to buy them, and it turned out just in time as Leo arrived the next day three weeks early! I came back for the Sling Library which I found about about from you and am still happily slinging Leo as he comes up to his first birthday, as well as using the nappies I got from NEA, of course! I’ve recommended the shop and the wonderful staff to so many mums, and sung your praises over here in Berlin where we now live. Good luck with whatever comes next, but I do hope it’s still in a related field. Nappy Ever After Forever! Donna and Leo xx

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