Real Nappy Week 2012

Planning is starting in earnest for Real Nappy Week 2012. This year the week will run from 16 to 22 April. And this year it will coincide with Real Diaper Week in North America so a global week of nappiness!

National activities currently planned  include:

1) Loads of local events – as always, more events for people to find out about real nappies are planned for this week. We’ll let you know what we’re planning via this blog, FB/twitter and our events pages but be sure to check the Real Nappies for London event page for other London events as well as Go Real’s event finder for national events.

2) Great Cloth Diaper Change – one of the big events planned is the Great Cloth Diaper Change. There was the same event last year but it was on Easter Saturday and many people were away and unable to organise anything. The idea is that people get together and change their baby’s cloth nappies at the same time in order to break the world record for the number of cloth nappies changed simultaneously. This year it’s on Saturday 21 April at 5pm (or so we can work out from a time convertor of 9am Pacific Time). OK still not great for for many of us with babies but still possible! If you’re interested in hosting or attending an event, get in touch.

3) New Nursery Certification Scheme – we’re loving the sound of this scheme launching this year by Go Real. Our laundry service supplies cloth nappies to nurseries around London (no need to bring your own from home :-)), plus we know many local nurseries and childcarers who are happy to welcome home-cloth-nappied babies (saves them on nappy disposal AND the cost of supply). If your nursery loves you for using cloth, then recommend them for the scheme by emailing

More soon, when we have specifics events, offers and information to share.


Nappy Ever After


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