Laundry service price increases

Hi all,

Most of our customers know by now that we’ve had to increase our laundry service prices this year. We’ve not increased our collection fee since early 2009 and, as you can imagine, our costs have increased over the last three years. We’re a non-profit organisation and the weekly collection fee covers the cost of the washing/drying of the nappies, staff time for packung/delivery/collections, vehicle running costs and a portion of the shop rent and utilities. We do not make a profit on the service.

We’ve kept the increase as low as we could as we want to continue to support our customers in using the service – we don’t want to lose you!

Last year we had to increase our wrap and liner prices; new prices have just been sent to us but we do not expect to have to make any changes to these prices this year.

We’ve not increased our ecover refill prices for two years but prices also seem stable. We’ll let you know if any changes are required.

Thanks for your continued support for the service. If you have any questions, then email us or call us at the shop.


Nappy Ever After


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