New Year Resolutions!

Slightly later than planned!

Thank you to all our customers for your support over the last year. We’ve had an enjoyable and challenging year but it’s always fun when we meet our customers and start chatting – same as most years then really! ūüôā

We’re particularly proud of:

* meeting and advising new mums about cloth nappies

* running the laundry service which helps new mums find out that cloth nappies are really easy to use

* setting up a pan-London nappy advisor network – we really want everyone to know how great cloth nappies are, whether that be nappies for home washing or by using a laundry service

* our customer service – we’re a small organisation, many of our staff volunteer their time, yet we try to help people as much as possible to find the right nappy solution

We wish you all the best of 2012¬† and we’ll be back soon with our new year news!


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