DS’s toilet training success!

As promised, here’s an update on DS’s toilet training.

If you’ve read our previous posts, you’ll know that DS toilet trained during the day aged 2 years 3 months – no fuss, just got it by second day. This was about the same timing as DD1 and three months earlier than DD2 (DS’s twin). [We started toilet training at same time with DD2 as DS and she just didn’t get it at all – funny, isn’t it, because we thought she would be first!!] DD1 was night dry at around 2 years 6 months and DD2 was day and night dry at 2 years six months (so it was worth the wait! :-)).

DS1 is now 4 years so it was slightly stressful that he was still wearing a nappy at night – sometimes reusable, sometimes disposable. We’d read a lot about how it just needs to click and you can’t force it. We’d read that some boys (and girls, but less often) were still night wet at 6 or 7 years, so we tried not to worry about it. We’d tried a couple of times and stopped as he just ‘didn’t get it’.

Then, about a month ago, DS said he was a big boy now and wanted to stop wearing a nappy at night. We were sceptical but thought we’d try it and make sure to lift him before we went to bed. The first night we lifted him and he did a wee, went immediately back to sleep, then did a wee in the morning before we went in so SUCCESS!!

Over the following week he did the same except for one night when we forgot to lift him. :->

So he’s been dry since then apart from a few wees before we lifted him. These accidents have always been when he’s been extremely tired and fit in with the pattern from before when we tried and didn’t succeed.

Last night we lifted him and he didn’t have a wee and hadn’t got up to do a wee in the morning which is fantastic – another stage!

Next steps for us are to continue to lift him but when do you stop? We’re not that strict, especially as it’s nursery/school holidays but we will continue to try to restrict fluids after 6pm. And we’re hoping that as it starts getting darker that we won’t revert backwards.

BTW we were using regular prefolds and Bummis Super Brite wrap or the Bummis training pant plus small prefolds as booster at night and we never had a leak.

So good times and no nappies, ironically, in the Nappy Ever After household!

DS and DD2 at their nursery assembly


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  1. Gosh, hadn’t realised the height difference between J&S was so obvious! 🙂

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