Van woes

Our electric van’s brakes are unsafe – we found out on Thursday. No, there wasn’t an accident – thank goodness! – but they had begun to feel soft so we got the mechanics out to have a look and they said the van was unsafe to drive.

Cue panic, as we had nappy laundry service deliveries on Friday and as usual all next week (brake part not due for some time as coming from Italy…hopefully by Thursday this coming week though!).  Su and I did the round in my car on Friday and we have hired a van for Tuesday to do the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday rounds.

We’ve just had a service, some motor refurbishment and new batteries (effectively 2.5 years of fuel up front) so we don’t need anything else to go wrong – can you hear us??? 🙂

It was quite fun doing the round, though, I have to admit, although it did mess with my Friday.

Still at least no braking accidents and that’s all that matters. Will try to post a picture of the van tomorrow.


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