Night toilet training

DS was day toilet trained quite early and very easily at 2 years 3 months. He had the occasional accident at the beginning especially when he was ‘busy’ doing stuff, but really he was no trouble at all! ūüôā (Just as good as DD1 and better than DD2, but that’s another blog post!)

However he has been wearing a nappy at night since that time. He’s now 3.5 years old. He rarely has a drink after 6pm and always has a wee before he goes to bed.

About three months ago, I wondered if he was just being lazy, so went through five days of lifting him at 11pm to see what would happen. Every morning I had to wash wet sheets, duvet cover, pjs and waterproof sheet. After five days I decided he wasn’t ready (and I had lost the will to keep up with the washing…).

That said I can’t recommend highly enough a waterproof sheet for toilet training – mine are from hippychick from when I was pregnant. I put one on my own bed while pregnant in case my waters broke, so a fab dual purpose for a waterproof sheet (you don’t need a big one, I’ve got a cot bed size one and put it just under where, ahh-em, it would be needed!). We have beautiful organic cotton waterproof sheets from Disana (a German brand) in the shop for ¬£9 for 50cm x 70cm and ¬£12 for 70cm x 90cm. BTW please don’t think waterproof sheets need to be rustly and crunchy, these ones are lovely to feel and sleep on. (Sorry for long tangent but a waterproof sheet is really one of my ‘you-should-buy-one-of -these-when-pregnant- as-you-will-find-many-uses-for-it-etc’. Another future blog in the making I can see).

Anyway, DH and I have been trying to encourage DS1 by way of incentives (not bribes you understand! :-)) – if you have a dry nappy for five mornings in a row, then we can go and buy another train for your set. He understands what this means but no change.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and many people say there is something chemical in the brain that needs to click before a child can be dry at night, more so with boys than girls but still non-gender specific. We all tried to relax about the whole thing and try not to think about him being in nappies at night for the next couple of years.

But loh and behold, last night, DS1 said nappies are yuck and didn’t want to wear one. We went through the drill, oh about 10 times, that if he needed a wee first thing in the morning, then he needs to get up and use the potty in his room. He seemed to get it. I lifted him at 11pm and then DH lifted him at 6am – both times he did a small wee, much less than the wee his cloth nappy seemed to reflect every morning…!

So tonight we will lift him before we go to bed but not in the morning and see what happens. Fingers crossed! Will let you know in a few days.


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